Friday, January 15, 2010

Water for Water

“Recently finished design for a new line of bottled water called ‘Water For Water’ which is currently stocked across all Gloria Jean’s Coffee houses in Australia, with plans to implement the water into the international GJC franchises in the near future as well as other retail outlets.

The goal of the design was to reflect the international goals of the water (via the small text on the front with WATER in different languages) along with providing a design that would stand out from the rest of the bottled water that’s currently on the market. The design of the bottle took on and off approximately six months, going through various different design iterations including trials on different stocks, and was also affected by getting approval for the right launch date.

All of the profits from the sale of Water for Water go directly towards water based projects and initiatives and currently the first project is a Water Station in Caloocan, Philippines. It’ll provide not only clean drinking water at a minute cost, but also host a community centre that’ll he provide education both for children and adults as well as run programs on healthy living.”

Source: Lovely Package

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