Thursday, January 21, 2010

9000 Years Dagu Glacier Spring Water

I stopped in at a convenience store in Guangzhou (CHINA) yesterday and came across this bottle of mineral water. The first thing I noticed was the foil pack. The print claims the introduction of this new outer packaging seals of light and prevents the introduction of electromagnetic waves that would effect the water quality.

Dagu Glacier Spring Water is Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Ten years old. The company pledges that all their products are bottled at source and even go as far as to offer a 1 Million RMB (US $147,000) reward to anyone who can offer proof that the company has manufactured and filled the product in a plant outside the place of origin or any engagement in contract production to produce and bottle the product.

While most 500ml PET water bottles are priced around3 RMB, this bottle of Dagu Glacier Spring Water was selling for 10 RMB (US $1.47). This is the first time I am seeing this water in the market which makes me curious as to how effective their marketing campaign will be. Chinese consumers are generally quite conservative and I can't imagine too many people would pay over 3 times the price of competitors brands to enjoy the purity of 9000 year old glacier water, no matter how good it tastes.

The bottle design is simple, yet attractive. They have utilized a 1.9g HDPE 30/25 water neck closure and a 19.5g preform. It is refreshing to see that they have not gone for a heavy preform simply to make their bottle feel more expensive as some artesian brands do, but the foil pack does seem quite wasteful.

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