Thursday, August 13, 2009

SIE43 PET Bottle Chair by Pawel Grunert

One of the most obvious drawbacks of using PET bottles is the hornedous toll the waste takes on the environment. While this innovative furniture design by Pawel Grunert is thought provoking, it does not serve any practical function. Constructed from a steel frame sruture and fitted with numerous bottles that can easily be changed out when damaged, the design is visually appealing but I doubt it would be too comfortable to sit on. It was featured at the Ecotrans Pop Exhibition in April 2009.


Here is a another new product to hit the enhanced beverage shelves. Neuro Drinks have launched 7 varieties of flavored and vitimin enhanced waters that aim to boost energy, increace alertness, improve quality of sleep, and even quelch hunger pangs.

The disign of the bottle although being heralded by some as innovative design is actualy almost a coarmon copy of the Watson's water avaialabel in Hong Kong and China. The label design and overall family concept for the brand looks pretty cool though, and this is just another example of how many directions beverage packagers can move in.

Out of the 7 varieties of beverage offered by Neuro Drinks, the one that most tweaks my interest is NEUROGASM, designed to increace sexual desire...

Source: Neuro Drinks

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Q Tonic - A Superior Tonic Water

Check out the new packaging for Q tonic water, targeting the more sophisticated pallets of gin drinkers. If you are going to drink premium liquor then why dilute with lesser quality mixers. I would like to see this concept spread accross the board with innovaative mixers being manufactured for the whole spread of premium alchohols from Patron Taquila to Grey Goose Vodka and more. Cheers!

1/2 Project

The 1/2 (half) Project developed by Kim and Jiwom Park is designed to offer people buying bottled beverages to purchase half the quantity they want at full price, with half the money going to a designated charity. The design would tentativly allow varoius brands of beverage manufacturers to tie in and sponsor thier own charities. While the concept of using a social adenda to boost sales or draw attention your brand is a good one, the cost of the new packaging should logically be half of the normal packaging.

Unfortunatly, as most people in the industry will tell you, this design will be more costly. Firstly a new preform mould would need to be developed for a bottle that would cost almost the same to manufacture as a normal PCO one. You might save a few grams on the weight of PET material in the preform. A normal PCO twist on cap would not be suitable for this design so a new flip top cap would need to be developed. This would surly require more material than a normal cap as well. More material equals more expensive.

It would just be a whole lot easier to sell a 500 ml bottle for the price of a 1L bottle and donate the difference to charity. I doubt too many people would reach for a smaller bottle though. I like giving to a cause, but this design in my opinion is totally off the board.

Source: Yanko Design