Thursday, July 30, 2009

Activate Drinks x Closure Design

Beverage packaging design is constantly evolving, as we are so keen to illustrate on this blog. Manufacturers seek to increase the value of their product by not only innovating new beverages but also by pushing the boundaries of label and packaging design be it glass or PET. Active Drinks professes that vitamins diluted in water over time loose their potency so they have developed a new cap that houses the flavor and vitamins. They are released into the water by twisting the cap before intended consumption. While some may argue that the age of beverages in PET bottles is drawing to a close, the fact that main stream companies are still exploring new designs with PET and HDPE is a firm contradiction. 'Its Hid in the Lid'

Source: NotCot

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help Remedies Biodegradable Packaging

Here at PAE we are always on the look out for environmentally freindly packaging. Help Remedies have come up with an awesome and simple design to conquer fears most people have of medicine. Personlly I hate looking through shelves of indistinguishable brands looking for tablets to suit my syptoms, and this packaging does not beat around the ush at all. Furthermore the packaging is made from paper pulp and corn based plastic that not only looks good but is also biodegradable.