Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PC vs. PET 5 Gallon Jars

We have been receiving a lot of mail about polycarbonate 5 Gallon jars. 5 gallon jars otherwise referred to as 20 liter bottles are conventionally blown from regular PET preforms. Although these are costly to manufacture, because preforms are compact they can be outsourced overseas or from local manufacturers and blown on site by a semi-automatic blowing machine. The problem with regular PET 5 gallon jars is that they do not have a very long lifespan. These bottles are sent out and retrieved on a daily basis so durability is essential. Polycarbonate has a higher density and therefore produces a much stronger jar that lasts up to 4 times longer than a regular PET bottle. In most developed countries PET 5 gallon bottles have already been phased out and replaced with PC.

PC however can not be formed into preforms that can be heated and blown to full size at a later stage. PC jars must be manufactured on a single stage machine, sometimes referred to as an ASB machine. The preform is manufactured then immediately blown into full form while the plastic is still soft. The cost of this machine is relativly more expensive than the PET sollution but is still viable for larger cities in Africa.

If you are looking for more information about blow moulding machines for PET or PC bottles please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ross Lovegrove x Ty Nant Water

This is kind of old, but an awesome collaboration nonetheless between the infamous Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove and the Ty Nant water company. Ty Nant had already set the benchmark back in 1989 when they launched their water in a blue glass bottle. Until that time blue glass was utilized mostly only by chemists. When they decided to launch thier PET bottle they had to come up with a design that would cause a stir and for that they relied upon the talents of Lovegrove. But how does one switch over to plastic packaging without cheapening the product? Lovegrove took the water back to its original form giving the body of his bottle flowing and natural characteristics. Amongt other things, clouds were his inspiration. His efforts culminated in this award winning design.


Concrete Block Production Line

You can own your own machinery to manufacture concrete blocks and paving stones for less than $100,000. Our concrete block machine has a capacity of 1200 pieces per hour for standard hollow concrete blocks.

Our machine can also make a huge variety of paving stones, building blocks, and curb stones. All that you require for each product is a different mould. This is another simple yet profitable turn-key project that we offer at PanAsia Exports (HK) Limited. Contact us if you want to start your own factory for making cement blocks.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Singlz - Innovative Bottle Design

Offering a disposal cup with a beverage is by no means a new marketing gimmick, but the Australian wine company Singlz, is enjoying quite a bit of success with their line of 'Shuttle' bottles. These PET containers made by the New Zealand bottle manufacturers Linkplas have been specifically developed to preserve the flavor of wine for up to one year. The designers have managed to retain smooth and flush lines on the bottle that not only are appeasing to look at but also maintain the hygienic integrity of the drinking cup, but also keep the opening of the bottle securely shut.

The Shuttle packaging is obviously ideal for outdoor events like picnics, sports events, or trips to the beach. But is this packaging suitable for the developing African markets? Countries like Nigeria and Kenya might have large enough middle and upper class sectors who might find this product appealing but is there enough demand for sophisticated products like in other African cities to justify manufacturing 'Shuttles'?

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Turnkey Sollutions for Under US$50,000

You can buy machinery to manufacture your own purified water, concrete blocks, or soap for less than $50,000 US. We have set up numerous lines for our clients in Accra, Kumasi, Lagos, Cotonou, Abijan, Freetown, all for under Fifty Thousand US Dollars in machinery costs. Check out some of the plants available.

  • PET Recycling Plant
  • Water Purifying and Filling Lines
  • Concrete Block Production Line
  • Liquid Soap or Cosmetic Packaging Line
  • Instant Noodle Production Line
  • PP Cup Filling Line
  • Toilet Soap Production Line
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