Friday, January 8, 2010

COCO Organic Coconut Water

“Brazilian scientist Dr Antonio Martins invented a revolutionary new way of extracting coco juice so that it is left as pure and untouched as it is in the coconut.

His brief to us was to craft a new identity that linked his coco juice, coco milks and indulgent coco cream, and to create packaging that also communicated the various health benefits and taste characteristics of the different products.

Our brand overhaul managed to pull off Dr Martins’ various demands and had a dramatic effect on sales, securing the brand an award at an international exhibition and a prestigious launch at Harvey Nichols.”

Green Coco Europe appears to have a great business model where they source only organic coconuts from local co-operatives. They also try to invest directly in education charities passing on Dr. Martins patented extraction technology. They got a pretty good assortment of products with mixed flavors including pineapple and banana. One of their goals is to expand their range using all parts of the coconut (water, flesh, and husk).

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