Thursday, December 17, 2009

Minute Maid NEW Package Design

Coca-Cola sells over 1,200 juice products all over the world, with over about 120 brand names in their portfolio. Thier most poplar brand in the US is 'Minute Maid' and they have just enjoyed a long awaited design overhaul.

Duffy & Partners were contracted for the job, taking over what they set in motion back in 1995 with the initial Minute Maid package design. It seems Coca-Cola is taking a fresh approach to product packaging all across the board with design and raw material process. Check out the new Minute Maid designs ready for launch in the US December 2009!

1 comment:

  1. I guess being one of the leaders in the industry allows them to pursue with brand marketing strategies that would help them retain and obtain more consumers. Changing a package design is a long process… They probably saw the need to have a “new look.” That “need” can show whenever the demand suddenly falls.
    Rob Feckler