Monday, December 14, 2009

Kabbalah Vodka x Christian Infants

A short time ago the company “EZ Protocols” announced a start-up of vodka brand that is called “Kabbalah vodka – with Christian infants” – the newest quality benchmark on the super premium segment of the Russian market. The vodka is expected to have a distinguished wheat flavor. Special water, enriched in silver, gold and platinum ions along with neat and stylish design will bring anyone back to the best traditions of a ritual table. As a present, every bottle has a unique handmade infant inside, which is made of fortified glass.

In its first day of launch KABALAH vodka set a record selling 13,000 5L cases of Vodka. The 'Christain Infants' have also very quickly become collectors items. To keep them exclusive each design does not see more than 3 production runs.

What is the connection between this Vodka and the Kabbalah? I have not idea, but the type for the logo is set to Kabbalh Sefirot and the back of the bottle features some text excerpts from the Kabbalah.

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