Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fully Automatic 20 Litre PET Bowing Machine for Oil (600 BPH)

This is a machine developed especially for our friends in Emerging Markets who are dealing in edible oils. As you know the cost of portable containers,  especially PET and HDPE is forever increasing. The largest common size in PET is 5L with higher volumes going into HDPE. But the demand for 20L containers is growing but cost of production of these bottles is high.

But not any more. We do not need to rely on the same on manual blowing machine solutions for 20 litre bottles. We now have a cost effective FULLY AUTOMATIC stretch blow moulding machine to suit the need at 6000 bottles per hour! Check out this video for details and send us a message to receive a full technical proposal.

Also make sure to check out our filling machine and auto boxing machine for the same 20L bottle. No stress, no mess, no fuss. From factory floor to the supermarket sheves, we got you covered.

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