Thursday, November 23, 2017

Automatic Weigh Filler Packaging Machine - Assembly and Instructions

This detailed video will take you through the entire assembly and usage of our single lane weigh filling machine for chips, peanuts, and other snack foods.

You can see the detailed machine construction along with set up and operation of the PLC control board and trial with various weights. This solution is perfectly suited for small to medium scale businesses looking for efficient growth.

Machine Features:

 High precision digital load cell

 User's friendly touch screen

 Multi-language screen is available

 Different access authority management protection

 Parameters can be freely adjusted during running condition

 New generation modular mechanical and control system

 Self-diagnose function on the electronic boards

At PAT we supply a wide variety of processing and packaging equipment for FMCG's. Contact us for a price quotation and custom proposal.

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