Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best Water Bottle Designs... EVER!

With evermore brands of drinking water entering the market every year, it is imperative for industrialists and designers to come up with attractive and original packaging for their products. Some brands have even gone as far as releasing limited edition bottles to generate hype about their brands. Here are a few of the more interesting designs we have come across recently. Truly inspirational!

Flavored water with enhanced vitamins. PET bottles. The packaging gives the bottles a pharmaceutical look.

Malmberg flavored water.

Standard Lanjaron PET bottle. Notice the mountain cap inside the bottle. Very cool.

Lanjaron special edition release in a glass bottle.

HINT vodka. Not water, but still an awesome bottle.

Gleneagles bottled water. This is a super sleek and clean design.

Font Vella limited edition bottle. From accounts we have read online, the continous print around the back of the bottle distorts the overall appearance of the design. A for effort chaps.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Evian team up for this limited edition release. There is no limit to what collaborations can achieve.

DRY soda. Nice, clean, and simple. Notice the print on the bottle neck.

70 Degrees North, it does not get more basic than this when it comes to bottle design. But when you have a kick ass product like pure Alaskan water, you just let it speak for itself.

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