Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aquapax Boxed Water

We all know PET waste is a massive burden on the environment, but what can we really do to reduce plastic waste generated from bottled beverages? PET is still the most cost effective method for packaging beverages, but some companies are making the bold move forward by offering more expensive packaged water in environmentally friendly packaging. One such company is UK based company Just Drinking Water with thier brand of boxed water, AQUAPAX. They have a straight forward and well focused agenda to persuade consumers to opt for the environmentally friendly option. While it may still be a long while before we see manufacturers in Africa take a stand against pollution, or for most Aficans to be able to afford the more expensive choice, it is inspirational to see see that a company like Aquapax is determined to address the evident problem. Check out thier founders blog.

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