Tuesday, April 17, 2018

ECO FRIENDLY CAN SEAMING MACHINE - Paper / Tin / Aluminium for Coffee / ...

Our Can Seaming Machine presents an Eco Friendly solution to packaging snack foods, powders, rubs, grain, cereal, and more. Not only is this solution cost effective and safer for the environment, it also provides an opportunity for you to implement more attractive packaging for your brand.

Paper cans meet higher food safety regulations with secure foil seals. Multiple layer materials also offer additional barriers to protect your product from environmental factors and tampering.

This detailed video will walk you through the benefits of composite paper tube packaging as well as offer a close up look at the machine set up, configuration, and operation.

Features of Semi-Automatic Round Can Seaming Machine

- Dual Push Button or Foot Switch operation with Pneumatic Lifting system.

- Heavy Duty Construction with all moving parts CNC Machined.

- 4 Roller Seaming ensures consistent and leak proof Seaming.

- Ability to seam a wide range of Can Diameters with a quick changeover of tooling.

- For Height changes only a simple setting is required (no change parts).

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