Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Empowerment Through Manufacturing

Join the Fresh Food revolution. With minimal investment you can now process and package your own creations, using locally procured raw materials, under hygienic conditions, into attractively branded packaging of your choice. Start a brand, build a business, and F@*K globalised mass production of agro products which you can grow in your own country or backyard!! Potatoes, peanuts, cashew, okra, plantains, cassava, or anything you want to bake, fry, roast, and flavour. Even sauces and pastes. The choice is yours.

This is my effort to offer EMPOWERMENT to hard working people in developing markets and home industrialists. Cut out the middle man and take control. It makes no sense that our produce is being shipped abroad to be re-processed and packaged only to be imported back into our countries so we can pay premium prices for them. Do your part to forward this information to friends and family in your area who you can see are trying to grow their own food or beverage product and brand. Help them take control and reach further.

Watch videos of the machienry in action on our YouTube channel.

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