Friday, September 1, 2017

Easy Powder/Granule Packaging - Table Top Weigh Filler

Check out this detailed inspection video of our latest generation of powder and granule packaging machines for emerging markets. Our machines have a ton of features, all listed out in the video. Easy to operate with quick and accurate results every time. This is everything you need to step up your hime industry to the next level and take on the multi-national global brands. PAT has all the packaging solutions you require to improve your industry.

You can easily fill jars, sachets, stand up pouches, and another container with best results.

Ⅰ. Application:
It's suitable for weighing slice, roll or regular shape products such as sugar, salt, seed, rice, sesame, glutamate, milk powder, coffee powder and seasoning powder, etc.

Ⅱ. Main Features:
*High precision digital load cell
*Color touch screen (Mouse, SD card and memory card are compatible)
*Multilanguage choice (Translation is needed for some specific language)
*Different authority management

III. Special Features:
*Weighing mix different products at one discharge
*Parameters can be freely adjusted during running condition
*New generation design, each actuator、boards can exchange with each other.
*Self-diagnose function on the electronic boards

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