Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bruce Lee x Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey

I just caught the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label ad on TV last night, featuring none other than the legendary Bruce Lee! Apparently it took 9 months to create this rendition of him in CGI. While it does look very cool, I am not sure Mr. Lee would be to thrilled about it as he was in to clean living and NOT a whiskey drinker. I guess somebody got paid A LOT. 

The script is taken from an interview he did in the US in the 70's I think. According to director Joseph Kahn: "The video is not about drinking, or an advertisement with Bruce Lee doing condoning it.'s A short inspirational sponsored by the brand. Analogy between water and alcohol is wrong. The last thing want to be that alcohol is water.'s a metaphor for life.'s his metaphor in his own words. spent a year living and breathing the story of this man, thinking of him daily. for me, it's not an ad.'s, its an celebration of the man. "

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