Monday, June 17, 2013

FAB Awards 2013 - Winner for Packaging Design goes to....

At PanAsia HQ we always have our eye out for new and unique packaging design to inspire our projects. The International Food and Beverage Awards is an event we look forward to every year where the best of the best are showcased and rewarded for their excellent efforts.

This year the award for Best Packaging Design 2013 has been awarded to Absolut Vodka. Although the brand was first established back in 1879, it was not until the 1980's that they launched flavored vodka and the unique bottle we know so well. The distinctive print ads which followed solidified Absolut Vodka's iconic status around the globe.

Absolut has consistently pushed the envelope with effective advertising campaigns and is recognized worldwide for their work with famous designers creating collectors edition bottles which are picked up and stocked by connoisseurs. But what has Absolut done in 2013 to trump all other brands in the category for Best Packaging Design?

Absolut Unique

  • Category: 
    Packaging Design, Sales Promotion
  • Sub-Category: 
    Alcoholic Drinks
  • Title: 
    Absolut Unique
  • Client: 
    Absolut Vodka
  • Agency: 
    Family Business, Stockholm
  • Award: 
    FAB Award (Packaging Design) & FAB Award (Sales Promotion)

Check out the short video clip below with comments from the CEO and creative heads at Absolut. Rather than reach out to well known designers, they have relied on the bottle printing machines to create 4 million absolutely unique bottles that were shipped world wide, each numbered and printed by machine with a random algorithmic program. What we love about this is that they have utilized equipment that is available to all other brands and applied existing technology to create something new, attractive, and awesome!!

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