Sunday, December 11, 2011

Are you looking for innovative Promotional Products to support your brands?

Are you seeking innovative promotional products to support your brands? We can design and deliver quality products from China at competitive prices to meet our clients requirements with punctual delivery. Check out a few of the collections we have already put together for food and beverage brands from EU and Africa.

  • At PAE we have designers on our team to study your brands and come up with innovative new products that will properly represent your products and market, apart from the standard range of promotional products like caps, t-shirts, and pens, etc. All our offers include detailed specifications and can provide samples for prior reference when required. 

  • We also deal with larger distributors and appreciate requirements for convenient sized packaging that can be easily shipped from a central warehouse to various outlets, and strong durable boxes with correct shipping marks that can withstand being loaded from containers to warehouse and being handled by forwarders. 

  • Our in-house designers keep a close eye on the integrity of your brands making sure that each manufacturer ad hears to strict brand guidelines provided by the client or created by us on their behalf. When dealing with multiple sources it is important to control size and quality of print, and match colors perfectly. 

  • By developing long lasting relations with our clients, we have managed to grow their range of POS items year to year. We keep strict regulations on quality and design so that previous items do not have to be revisited and reworked saving time and cost. We also standardize all specifications keeping consistency in supply while brand managers in the company may change. 

  • To avoid problems when out sourcing promotional products it is advisable to work through a professional company like to PAE to insure you get what you want, and on time. Our team of quality control specialists visit numerous factories around China seeking potential partners to work with. We conduct stringent quality inspections during production until the orders are finally shipped to our clients. Please see actual photographs from quality inspections for HEINZ inflatable bottles and other promotional products below. 

  • With one foot planted firmly in manufacturing, PAE has the expertise to supply molds and manufacture custom designed products for our clients. 

From providing visual concepts of your products to actual samples for approval before final shipment, PanAsia Exports is well positioned and experienced to deliver promotional products to support your brands and company. Please email sales@panasia-exports for a direct inquires or visit our website to view our complete catalog.  


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