Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Select the Right 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

There are literally hundreds of suppliers for water dispensers world wide and even more designs to choose from. What should you look for when selecting the appropriate dispenser to represent your brand? Cost of course is a leading factor, but shoddy quality can depreciate your brands value.

Our latest model of 5 Gallon (20 Liter) water dispenser and cooler/heater features up to date safety mechanisms, high quality electrical components and fittings, and also a unique and elegant design.

Features of the PAE-20L AQUACOOL Water Dispenser:

  1. Bottle Support Collar
  2. Ready-to-dispense Indicator Lights
  3. Childproof Safety Lock
  4. Hot water dispensing tap (also dispenses room temperature when 'kettle feature' is not activated)
  5. Cold water dispensing tap.
  6. 'Kettle Feature' (on/off) activation button. (Press once, button starts flashing to signify hot water heating system is operational. When temperature is reached, flashing light will change to a steady state 'on' condition to signify hot water is now ready to be dispensed). You can cancel the hot tank operation at any time by pressing the 'kettle feature' button a second time and the light will switch off. 
  7. Removable drip tray and red float indicator serves as a reminder to empty the drip tray when the red float penetrates through drip tray grill. 
  8. Adjustable cold water thermostat.
  9. Drain Valve
  10. Condenser coils. 

The PAE-20L Water Dispenser also features specially treated Stainless Steel and plastic parts to resist finger prints. The water holding tanks are fashioned from stretch molded plates rather than welded metal which usually results in leaks after 1 year of use. To know more about this model and other models of our water dispensers email us info@panasia-exports.com

To know more about manufacturing and filling 20L bottles visit www.panasia-exports.com

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