Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fillico Jewelry Water x Mastermind Japan

What economic crisis? While large factories and wholesale outlets around the world complain about overheads and are slashing hundreds of workers off the payroll, it is inspiring to see that some people can still still afford to spend over $100 for a bottle of water.

"Fillico, the Jewelry Water is the unique treasure to decorate your special occasion with excitement and satisfaction. Gorgeous bottle is fully decorated with stunning Swarovski crystal stars and shiny crown cap. Natural spring water inside comes from Kobe, Japan, the premium location famous for Japanese wine - SAKE. Open the door to Fillico, then the thrilling moment will always be with you."

Whats even better is that Fillico Jewelry Water recently contracted apparel designers Mastermind Japan to design their latest collection. Once you can move beyond the fact that these bottles of water cost over $100 each, you can begin to appreciate the detailed design of each piece. It is going to be a long time before we see products like this launch in Africa.

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