Thursday, June 27, 2013

PAE-EM15 Computerized Embroidery Machine 12-15 Colors

One of the biggest problems our clients face when placing orders of promotional materials for new customers is meeting the minimum order quantity requirements set by Chinese manufacturers. In order to remain competitive most reliable factories only accept quantities of 3000 pieces and above for various embroidered garments. At PanAsia we believe in supporting growing brands and want to make high quality marketing materials available to all market players. We have installed our computerized embroidery machines with several of our distributors in Africa so they can  provide their clients with a variety of high quality promotional items despite working on a slim budget.

Our easy to operate system is compatible with USB and also WIFI for your local area network.

● 3.6" Color LCD display showing real time stitching USB port
● Manual,Semi-auto, Auto Color Change
● Function keys including Menu, Speed up and slow
● Multi languages available
● Frame-moving keys, Manual Trimming
● Dot ket to return to 100 degree● Start, Stop, and emergency Stop
● Embroidery Status (Page Up/Page Down), USB Input,
● Parameter Settings, Clear, ESC, Enter, etc.
● Numeric keys for selection of needles

This simple embroidery machine is ideal for branding logos with up to 15 colors on a variety of garments ranging from shirts and caps to neck ties and socks. The PAE-EM15 come with a variety of hoops and frames to accommodate embroidering on shirt pockets, collars, and sleeves. We also provide attachments to accommodate embroidering on cap rims and visors.

Check out this video to see firsthand the smooth operation of our computerized embroidery machine and how easy it is to operate. Do not let high quantity requirements hold you back from getting your brand name out there and competing with the bigger players in your market. Contact PAE to find out more about how we can help you stay one step ahead of the game.