Monday, June 24, 2013

Amazing Resource - Packaging Dictionary

I came across an amazing dictionary of packaging terms from the Best in Packaging website recently. They have alphabetically categorized numerous terms and abbreviations and a simple to use format. Not only do they give detailed descriptions of terms and processes, but where applicable they also provide diagrams with links to the source. See the example below.

Flame Lamination – Flame lamination is often used to bond film and/or fabric to soft polyurethane foams. The process, shown below, involves the passing of the soft foam over an open flame, which creates a thin layer of molten polymer. The film and/or fabric are quickly pressed against the foam while it is still in the molten state. The strength of the bond depends upon the film, fabric and foam selected and the processing conditions (i.e., gas type, flame height and spread, foam burn-off and nip pressure).
Flame lamination is a continuous process that, depending on the equipment, adheres fabric or film to one or both sides of the foam in a single pass. (source:
You can check out the complete packaging dictionary here.