Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can Simple Package Design Be Too Simplistic?

This is a question our designers at PAE grapple with on a daily basis. How simple is too simple? With our attention focused on Africa we follow different trends than the US and Europe but we have also found that simple design concepts are very effective. But is there a line where we leave brand identity and recognition behind?

I came across a great article on www.brandpackaging.com that shed some light on the subject.

'A prominent trend has been to contemporize packaging by making it simple. Clutter isn’t desirable, but in the haste to keep it clean, is packaging being oversimplified? To the point that it’s starting to look generic? Is this causing more problems than it solves? Are important brand drivers omitted to the detriment of sales and profits because it doesn’t communicate enough to the consumer? Finally, is this hampering otherwise strong brands from becoming category leaders?'

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Source: Brand Packaging