Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Capping Machine - Ultimate Compilation

Hello Machine Heads! Every packaging project has very precise requirements for capping. There are also a huge variety of closures available in the market. Over the years we have supplied turnkey projects for a wide range of production lines. One of our specialties is providing customised capping machines and flexible multi-purpose capping solutions.

Now, you can enjoy more than 11 minutes to see a range of capping machines from semi-automatic solutions for honey and chilli sauce, to fully automated solutions for inner and outer caps for eye drops, cooking oil, facial creams, and much more. All set to the calming background music of Tchaikosvky.

Having cost effective solutions for automating processes in your manufacturing line not only improves hygiene but also increases efficiency and reduces cost. Some solutions are too rigid and can't be adapted for the natural evolution of product design. At PAT we consider and offer the most flexible solutions to suit your needs.

Feel free to contact us with your inquires.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Packaging Machines Exposed - AllPack Jakarta 2017

Take a deeper look inside the Allpack Exhibition which took place in Jakarta November 2017. See machines in operation and hear from some of the exhibitors about their services first hand.

ALL PACK INDONESIA brings to you the lookout of the newest ideas, products, services and technology to help your business stay one step ahead of  your competitors

PanAsia Tech represents some of the best quality machine producers and industrial service providers in the region. Just drop us an email to find out more about how we can help you improve the efficacy and procurement processes in your factory.

Monday, November 6, 2017

ALLPACK Exhibition Jakarta 2017 - A Seak Peak

If you are living in or around Indonesia and have any interest at all in food, beverage, or pharma processing and packaging industries, then ALLPACK is definitely worth a visit for you. Our Indonesian office PT. PanAsia Tech exhibited once again this year and the turn out was great.

They had an amazing list of exhibitors which included Buehler, Krones, Tetra Pack, AZO, and many other Europe/USA companies, to well reputed Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and even locally manufactured machines. What was truly amazing is the range of machinery that all the exhibitors had on display. Check out our short 'sneak peak' video into set up day at the exhibition to get a glimpse of what was in store for visitors.

One of our main focuses this year is to offer our customised processing and packaging solutions for small to medium sized industries. Namely for snack foods and cosmetics. Also we were only the look out for trade partners to work with on our expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa. While Indonesia is still growing and there is a massive demand for machines here, the arena is very similar to that in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, etc. by seeing what is happening here we can get some insight into what we can expect for SS Africa in the coming 5-10 years.

Stay tuned for more videos of the AllPack Jakarta 2017 Exhibition and feel free to contact us for more information about the projects on display.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fully Automatic 20 Litre PET Bowing Machine for Oil (600 BPH)

This is a machine developed especially for our friends in Emerging Markets who are dealing in edible oils. As you know the cost of portable containers,  especially PET and HDPE is forever increasing. The largest common size in PET is 5L with higher volumes going into HDPE. But the demand for 20L containers is growing but cost of production of these bottles is high.

But not any more. We do not need to rely on the same on manual blowing machine solutions for 20 litre bottles. We now have a cost effective FULLY AUTOMATIC stretch blow moulding machine to suit the need at 6000 bottles per hour! Check out this video for details and send us a message to receive a full technical proposal.

Also make sure to check out our filling machine and auto boxing machine for the same 20L bottle. No stress, no mess, no fuss. From factory floor to the supermarket sheves, we got you covered.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The GAPP Magazine is a South African publication reaching key decision makers in the Printing, Packaging, Signage, Graphics, Advertising, Corporate and FMCG industries. 

Join us for a brief conversation with Mr. Vikesh Roopchand at Propak west Africa expo in Lagos. We discuss the expansion of their coverage in East and West Africa with a targeted launch of the West African edition to be printed in Ghana by March 2018. 

You cannot ignore the growth of of the manufacturing industry in this region and we are excited to see publications like this fuelling the innovation with in depth articles and case studies about Graphics, Advertising, Printing, and Packaging.

Empowerment Through Manufacturing

Join the Fresh Food revolution. With minimal investment you can now process and package your own creations, using locally procured raw materials, under hygienic conditions, into attractively branded packaging of your choice. Start a brand, build a business, and F@*K globalised mass production of agro products which you can grow in your own country or backyard!! Potatoes, peanuts, cashew, okra, plantains, cassava, or anything you want to bake, fry, roast, and flavour. Even sauces and pastes. The choice is yours.

This is my effort to offer EMPOWERMENT to hard working people in developing markets and home industrialists. Cut out the middle man and take control. It makes no sense that our produce is being shipped abroad to be re-processed and packaged only to be imported back into our countries so we can pay premium prices for them. Do your part to forward this information to friends and family in your area who you can see are trying to grow their own food or beverage product and brand. Help them take control and reach further.

Watch videos of the machienry in action on our YouTube channel.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

32nd Trade Expo Indonesia - Sneak Peak

Welcome to the 32nd Trade Expo of Indonesia. This year the show is being held in BSD, a sub district of Jakarta. It is a few hours out of the city centre, but BSD is a modern city on its own which is quite spectacular. The venue is also state of the art and large enough to accommodate the growth this country is expecting.

Overall I was expecting the show to be much larger, but it is going to be some time before the export oriented businesses get back on their feet here, after taking a beating from China over the last 15 years. The furniture sector is promising with more competitive prices now and definitely more innovative designs. But there was hardly enough content to call the market vibrant.

A main feature of the show however is the FMCG section as Indonesia has so many foods and beverages to offer for export. And the large players are already very successful in other first world and developing countries. The marketing directors were accessible and even hosted a couple of forums. This was very useful, and proactive. It is refreshing to walk into an expo and actually meet the business owners and decision makers.

It is noteworthy that the Indonesian Ministry of Trade had a very strong presence and even invited dignitaries from various countries to attend and host seminars. The message is clear, Indonesia is open for business! From West Africa alone I met with strong delegations from Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, and more.