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How to Start Paper Napkin Business
Paper napkin is a piece of tissue paper used for cleaning the hand or face which are absorbent, hygienic and small. Paper napkins are used widely in restaurants, parties, beauty parlors, homes, and offices. With the culture of fast food rising and impacting our dining habits, the demand for paper napkins has steadily risen. In this article, we look at the process of starting a paper napkin manufacturing business.
Manufacturing Process
To manufacture paper napkin, tissue paper rolls are fed to the flexographic printing machine with modification for cutting the printed tissue paper rolls into sizes that are pre-determined.
Machinery & Equipment
The machinery and equipment cost for setting up a paper napkin manufacturing unit is minimal and costs just around Rs.5 lakhs.
A two-color flexographic machine with the attachment of paper napkin, edge sealing and cutting machine would be required for a total investment of about Rs.5 lakhs.
Working Capital
A small paper napkin manufacturing unit with an annual sales turnover of about Rs.1 crore would require a working capital of Rs.10 lakhs towards the raw material, salaries, other expenditures and receivables.
Financial Performance
A typical paper napkin manufacturing unit with an investment of about 10 lakhs can generate about Rs.1 crore in annual sales turnover and a profit of about 5-8 lakhs after all expenditures. Typical profit on sales is 5% with the break-even point at 45% operating capacity.
Paper napkin units can generate direct employment for about 5 persons to 6 persons. Three persons would be required for administrative and marketing functions, whereas another three skilled or unskilled labor would be required to manufacture the paper napkins
source: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-start-a-paper-napkin-business

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Flat Bottle Tabletop Labelling Machine - Operating Instructions

See our newest model of the tabletop labeller specifically designed for flat bottles. This machine does not use the press method but rather roller application, this is much better for placement and application of the labels.

This labelling machine is flexible, check out in this video the basic factory operation and training for how simple it is to change over settings for different size bottles and labels.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machines for Jar, Box, Flat Pack and More

MADE IN CHINA machines can offer great quality for a cost effective price. At PanAsia Tech we have been sourcing supplying machinery from China for over 20 years. We insure that our clients get exactly what they have ordered and that it is delivered directly with amazing after sales support.

Check out this small range of semi-automats labeling machines from one of our reliable partners. You can see the functions and fittings close up to judge the quality for yourself. We offer all kinds of customised solutions to suite your exact requirements.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

SILICA GEL OR TOY INSERTER - Multi Head Electronic Weigh Filler for Snac...


Our customised packaging machines provide conclusive solutions for the most specific and necessary tasks. Check out our high quality multi head weigh fillers with automatic inserting machines and form fill seal systems as well.

Our detailed video shows exact machine design and function, featuring customised PLC design in multiple languages.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

ECO FRIENDLY CAN SEAMING MACHINE - Paper / Tin / Aluminium for Coffee / ...

Our Can Seaming Machine presents an Eco Friendly solution to packaging snack foods, powders, rubs, grain, cereal, and more. Not only is this solution cost effective and safer for the environment, it also provides an opportunity for you to implement more attractive packaging for your brand.

Paper cans meet higher food safety regulations with secure foil seals. Multiple layer materials also offer additional barriers to protect your product from environmental factors and tampering.

This detailed video will walk you through the benefits of composite paper tube packaging as well as offer a close up look at the machine set up, configuration, and operation.

Features of Semi-Automatic Round Can Seaming Machine

- Dual Push Button or Foot Switch operation with Pneumatic Lifting system.

- Heavy Duty Construction with all moving parts CNC Machined.

- 4 Roller Seaming ensures consistent and leak proof Seaming.

- Ability to seam a wide range of Can Diameters with a quick changeover of tooling.

- For Height changes only a simple setting is required (no change parts).

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