Thursday, August 27, 2020

A Detailed Introduction to Vacuum Frying (Machinery Overview)

Vacuum fryers are an alternative means of producing snacks, using low pressure and low temperatures. It has been proven that vacuum- processing makes snacks healthier. Frying by means of this technology can be described as a process of removing moisture and cooking food through contact with hot oil. However, the oil does not enter into the product’s open pores, and therefore the resulting snack will have only a minimal oil content. Compare this with the 40% oil content of classical processing!

The low pressure at which processing is carried out in a vacuum fryer, allows you to produce snacks at lower temperatures, from 85°С to 120°С. Carcinogens do not form in the oil, the oil stays fresh longer, and oil consumption is lower than in atmospheric fryers. When fried at low
temperatures, the product maintains its natural color, taste, aroma, and nutrients. Fruits and vegetables fried in a vacuum fryer are turned into healthy snacks that are rapidly gaining in popularity and becoming an alternative to traditional chips. (source)

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Paper Napkin Cutting, Folding, and Packaging Machine (Manufacturing Solu...

How to Start Paper Napkin Business
Paper napkin is a piece of tissue paper used for cleaning the hand or face which are absorbent, hygienic and small. Paper napkins are used widely in restaurants, parties, beauty parlors, homes, and offices. With the culture of fast food rising and impacting our dining habits, the demand for paper napkins has steadily risen. In this article, we look at the process of starting a paper napkin manufacturing business.
Manufacturing Process
To manufacture paper napkin, tissue paper rolls are fed to the flexographic printing machine with modification for cutting the printed tissue paper rolls into sizes that are pre-determined.
Machinery & Equipment
The machinery and equipment cost for setting up a paper napkin manufacturing unit is minimal and costs just around Rs.5 lakhs.
A two-color flexographic machine with the attachment of paper napkin, edge sealing and cutting machine would be required for a total investment of about Rs.5 lakhs.
Working Capital
A small paper napkin manufacturing unit with an annual sales turnover of about Rs.1 crore would require a working capital of Rs.10 lakhs towards the raw material, salaries, other expenditures and receivables.
Financial Performance
A typical paper napkin manufacturing unit with an investment of about 10 lakhs can generate about Rs.1 crore in annual sales turnover and a profit of about 5-8 lakhs after all expenditures. Typical profit on sales is 5% with the break-even point at 45% operating capacity.
Paper napkin units can generate direct employment for about 5 persons to 6 persons. Three persons would be required for administrative and marketing functions, whereas another three skilled or unskilled labor would be required to manufacture the paper napkins

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Flat Bottle Tabletop Labelling Machine - Operating Instructions

See our newest model of the tabletop labeller specifically designed for flat bottles. This machine does not use the press method but rather roller application, this is much better for placement and application of the labels.

This labelling machine is flexible, check out in this video the basic factory operation and training for how simple it is to change over settings for different size bottles and labels.

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