Sunday, December 4, 2011

Turnkey Projects - Start Your Own Bottled Water Factory for Less Than US $100,000

Are you tired of being just an employee? Have you had enough of marketing brands that belong to large multinationals only to have them turn around and hand over representation to a different distributor? Be your own boss and invest in your own brands today! 

Start Your Own Bottled Water Factory for Less Than US $100,000

Project Description

Bottled purified water is a commodity in most markets today. Numerous brands compete for a piece of the market share and the most successful are not always of the big companies with multinational backing. Rather in this line having a unique brand, good marketing skills, and solid distribution can make any brand a firm contender.

We offer a cost effective solution that allows any investor to own and operate their own factory to treat and bottle purified water under their own unique brand name. In addition the investor will also have the facilities to blow their own PET bottles. Our team will assist you to design your own bottle and labels for your brand of purified water.

By setting up this facility the investor also exposes themselves to a variety of expansion projects that the PAE team has already put in place. Once the line for mineral water is running smoothly the factory could expand to produce its own preforms and caps, or with simple additional machinery you could manufacture and package juices and/or carbonated soft drinks.

The following production line has been designed to yield approximately 2000 bottles of mineral water per hour, in 500ml size.

                                      Factory Theoretical Output 

1.       330ml x 24,000 units per day = 1000 cases (24)
2.       550ml x 19,200 units per day = 800 cases (24)
3.       1500ml x 2,400 units per day = 200 cases (12)

                                                                                           Complete List of Machinery Offered

1.        2 Ton per Hour RO Water Treatment Plant
2.        Blowing Machine-2 sets
 1) Water Cooled Chiller
 2) Air Compressor
 3) 3 Required Blow Moulds
3.        Linear Filling Line-2000 BPH (Washing, Filling, and Capping)
4.       Shrink Labeling Tunnel and Cluster Pack System (Automatic)
5. Date Printer
5.       Required Consumables (preforms, closures, labels)

At PanAsia we can offer you complete machinery for turnkey projects to manufacture, beverages, food, cosmetics, soap, and more starting at less than US $100,000. Our projects are targeted towards motivated individuals in emerging markets who are ready to take the next step towards being job creators and industrialists.

Working with various partners across Africa and South America, we have set up a steady chain of supply and demand providing new industrialists with the resources, raw materials, and technical support they need to insure successful manufacturing facilities, process, and brand positioning. Our business model allows small scale manufactures to enter the market with more innovative products at competitive prices.

Through consolidation of industrial requirements we save our clients a lot of money and also offer continued support for forward and backward integration, keeping investors ahead of the curve with our keen focus on their future of their brands.

How can we assure successful projects at more competitive prices? The answer is simple, we are focused on taking manufacturing closer to the consumer, elimination of useless logistic fees, using local raw materials, and creating jobs.

  • We offer simple machinery that is not overly complicated or costly to operate. Local engineers with limited knowledge can easily be trained to oversee most of our plants. We offer training programs at our facility in China. 
  • Our featured projects are designed for relativity low capacity production which allows investors to see steady growth and re-invest into their brands slowly without facing high p[reassure risk. 
  • The cost of machinery offered by PEA is much lower than Indian, European, or North American counterparts that are driving towards higher capacity production. We are committed building ROBUST, low-cost, energy efficient machinery, for 3rd world emerging markets. 
  • Our close network of packaging printers and producers across Africa support our projects offering new investors preferential prices and strong support on consumables, giving them a strong foothold in their local areas. Not to mention steady technical support. 
  • With our engineers regularly in Africa we are able to offer regular support to our clients at relatively low cost compared to our European or North American counterparts. 

To learn more about PanAsia Tech Turnkey Projects please visit our website or email for free consultation.