Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1/2 Project

The 1/2 (half) Project developed by Kim and Jiwom Park is designed to offer people buying bottled beverages to purchase half the quantity they want at full price, with half the money going to a designated charity. The design would tentativly allow varoius brands of beverage manufacturers to tie in and sponsor thier own charities. While the concept of using a social adenda to boost sales or draw attention your brand is a good one, the cost of the new packaging should logically be half of the normal packaging.

Unfortunatly, as most people in the industry will tell you, this design will be more costly. Firstly a new preform mould would need to be developed for a bottle that would cost almost the same to manufacture as a normal PCO one. You might save a few grams on the weight of PET material in the preform. A normal PCO twist on cap would not be suitable for this design so a new flip top cap would need to be developed. This would surly require more material than a normal cap as well. More material equals more expensive.

It would just be a whole lot easier to sell a 500 ml bottle for the price of a 1L bottle and donate the difference to charity. I doubt too many people would reach for a smaller bottle though. I like giving to a cause, but this design in my opinion is totally off the board.

Source: Yanko Design